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Marissa Gaeta and Citlalic Snell

DBMAW – Humor

In honor of our film Differences Between Men and Women, we have created a blog where you can post your favorite “differences between men and women” stories, facts, and videos. Feel free to post the most humorous facts, videos, and stories that you can find. Have fun and be nice while commenting, so everyone can enjoy it, but not too nice.

Chris Rock puts in his two cents.

Two pro tennis players prove my point.

Dave Chapelle bestows his knowledge upon us.

Russell Peters gives us his viewpoint.

Carlos Mencia points out the differences.

The Harvard Sailing Team gives us their take on women.

DBMAW – Introduction

Differences Between Men and Women is a short comedic film. It’s a story about Marissa, who visits a tarot card reader for spiritual advice, almost gets the wisdom she is desperately seeking; exactly what she gets is the real twist. As Marissa continues on her hilarious journey, she comes upon situations that help her to discover who she really is.

Differences Between Men and Women stars Kindell Monique’ Carter as Marissa and Ray L. Perez as Marcus. The amazing supporting actors are Chaille Stidham as Beth, Natalie Self as Tina, Andy Tran as Phil, William Buchanan Jr. as Steve, Jacqueline Sevening as Bahiti, Allison Wood as Isabelle, and Cyrus Cassells as Silvio. Carl David Blake produced, wrote, and directed the film.

During the filming of the movie, we broke the Guinness World Record for the Longest Wedding Dress Train at 7,829.5 feet, which is in the movie.  Thank you for visiting our blog.